Digital signage players

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The Giada range of Digital Signage players are ideal for host of applications.

Products feature ARM, Intel ATOM and Celeron processors. Units are compatible for use with Android, Linux, Windows desktop or Windows Embedded operating systems.

Unlike consumer computing products, all units offer stability of specification, with Engineering revision and BOM control.

Sub Categories

The Giada entry level range of Digital Signage players are ideal for single or less intensive applications.

The Giada performance level Digital Signage players are a range of computers that have been designed for intensive digital signage and smart retail applications.

The Giada OPS and SDM Digital Signage players designed for compatible display monitors.

The Giada Android Digital Signage players feature ARM processors. There are models available for single and dual screen installations

The Giada Wall Digital Signage players for the ideal drive solution for installs from 4 to 16 displays.