Industrial Tablets

Industrial Tablets are designed to meet the needs of workers in professions ranging from retail and hospitality to warehousing, logistics and field service. Developed with outdoor use in mind they have features including Sunlight readable displays, IP rated housings, extended drop protection and longevity of supply

Built in options can include LTE, GPS, WLAN, barcode reader, optional RFID reader, back camera, and optional smart card reader for seamless data-capture in a slim, light and durable device.

Tekdis also offers a range of accessories including vehicle/desktop docks, cradles, detachable keyboards, high capacity batteries and other items.

To complement this we can configure systems with RAM and storage to suit and integrate LTE and WLAN modules and image with Win 10 IOT/Linux customer specific operating system.

Tekdis Industrial Tablets include the models from MSI, Ruggon and Durabook.

Explore our wide selection to find one that meets your requirements or contact our team today to find out the best solution and pricing.

Tekdis offers custom built solutions for your application

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