Rail PCs EN50155

Rail Computers:

Tekdis UK offers you the best Rail PC’s that are specifically designed for rolling stock and trackside applications. The PC’s have an ergonomic design, and their sturdy construction provides smooth working in rugged environments. The industrial PC’s we offer are certified with EN50155 and EN45545-2 standards and ensure safety from vibration and fire hazards. 

Our wide range of rail certified PC’s come in box and rack formats and have display solutions for driver interfaces. LTE/5G, Wifi, GPS and POE ports are available within the systems for extended connection capability. A few of our products have a waterproof IP65 rating and 110VDC input. Our technology partner Oring and Lantech accessorise the PC’s with rail certified Ethernet switches, along with rail certified antennas from Panorama. 

Tekdis UK, together with our supply partners Axiomtek and Nexcom, deliver the best systems to our clients and can even customise the PC’s to suit specific requirements for railway application like including train management, truck fleet management, transportation controller, data transfer, security surveillance, and onboard infotainment controller. Contact our tech-savvy team today to get assistance, and know more about our product range.

Tekdis offers custom built solutions for your application

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  1. aROK 8110 - 8th/9th Core™/Xeon® CPU + AI for ADAS and Machine Vision
    aROK 8110 - 8th/9th Core™/Xeon® CPU + AI for ADAS and Machine Vision

    AI Rail 2U Computer, Intel® Core™ 8/9th Gen. CPU, PCI-E CPU EN50155-2

  2. aROK5510 - EN50155 2U 8/9th gen CPU rail server
    aROK5510 - EN50155 2U 8/9th gen CPU rail server

    AI Rail 2U Computer, Intel® Core™ 8/9th Gen. CPU, EN50155-2

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Rail Computers

Nexcom's range of train computers have been designed specifically for rolling stock applications, pass rigorous environmental tests and adhere to the latest rail certifications. Manufactured from extruded aluminium chassis, all system are fully fanless and use only Embedded processors from Intel single core ATOM to Core i7. Other standard functionality includes dedicated On-board Ublox GPS, programmable ignition smarts (battery guard, ON / OFF time delay), M12 terminations and isolated COMs and power inputs.

All systems can fully configured & integrated to customer's specification including:

  • Industrial Grade System Memory
  • Automotive HDD or Industrial SSD storage
  • m.2/mPCIe peripheral cards
  • Comms modules - WLAN, BT, WWAN
  • Telematics / CANBUS
  • Optional dead reckoning GPS


To find out more about the solutions we offer, please contact our team directly.