TFT to SBC wiring and configuration

Unlike video connections such as HDMI, DVI & VGA analogue, the connection to a TFT display panel from the single board computer offers no standard pin out or timing. Most TFT’s feature a digital interface know as LVDS.

Tekdis offer a service to provide cabling between the TFT and SBC, in addition we work closely with embedded SBC vendor to provide any bios or firmware adjustments to ensure optimum display performance

System Configuration

Tekdis can provide your Embedded board or system configured to you specification. Our services include set up of bios and firmware, installation of comms modules and pre-load of operating system onto storage media.

Microsoft Embedded O/S support

Working with our Embedded hardware partners Tekdis can offer you development and implementation support for your Microsoft embedded operating system. We can provide you with a pre-loaded customised image with include your application program.

Firmware and bios support

Tekdis can assist users in providing custom bios and firmware to ensure system optimum performance and reliability. We can offer re-distributable upgrades on USB stick and UEFI (subject to board support)


Tekdis can offer Extended Warranty arrangements,  this provides customers with  a fixed cost of ownership.

Our cost effective extended warranty packages complement manufacturer warranty periods, offering extended warranty periods of 2, 3, and 5 years being available on most products