AirLink Management Service (ALMS)

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AirLink Management Service (ALMS)

AirLink Management Service (ALMS)

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 Managing remote assets and infrastructure is a demanding task.

You need to maintain multiple device configurations, update device software, and remotely diagnose reported issues.

AirLink Management Service (ALMS) is the industry’s leading device management solution. This highly advanced application supports over-the-air device registration, configuration and software updates. Dashboards display up-to-date views of the entire fleet, and custom reports can be set up to monitor critical events and prevent downtime.

ABI Research has ranked ALMS as "Best in Class" among competing device management services. Read the ABI Research Report (

The interactive monitoring dashboard and map shows the status, signal strength, and location of all AirLink gateways deployed. Drill down to quickly troubleshoot devices or update older versions of firmware with one-click. Advanced heartbeat reporting and custom alerts can be set up to notify you when devices go offline, resulting in faster issue identification, less downtime, and fewer field trips

Powerful Monitoring

  • Identify problems with interactive dashboards

  • Set alerts on critical events to prevent downtime

Software Updates

  • Update device firmware and application software

  • Manage firmware upgrade campaign with automatic retry capabilities and reporting of results

  • Lower airtime costs with delta patch mechanism

Scale Deployments

  • Centralize configuration with templates

  • Manage inventory of devices and subscriptions

  • Reduce deployment times with CSV file upload