Ceiling Mounting Arm

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Ceiling Mounting Arm

The lightweight ceiling mounting arm utilises an overhead position and a central axis to provide a wide rotational span.

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Carries weight up to 12 kg

Minimal loading on Ceilings

A high quality and robust construction

Perfectly balanced with high vertical movement

Easy re-positioning and manoeuvrability

Integrated cabling

Mounting Spigot

Various Lengths available

Easily cleaned and disinfected

This product is listed in Medical, Medical Solutions

EMI Test – CE Class B, FCC Class B, MDD IEC/EN 60601-1

Safety – UL/IEC/EN60601-1

Environmental – IP65 front IP 54 Rear

Vibration – Standard (0.00454GHz,1.5Grms 5-500Hz)

Shock – Standard

Drop – EC-60068-2-32 (96.5cm)