FX30S Serial LTE-M

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FX30S Serial LTE-M

The FX30 is the industry’s smallest, most rugged programmable 3G/4G LTE cellular gateway. Providing an integrated, secure embedded application environment, tightly integrated with the cloud, scalable and global deployments of IoT applications for any connected machine or infrastructure.

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Embedded: Legato Application Framework

AirVantage FOTA Edition

AirVantage Platform

AirVantage Connectivity Management

IoT Connector

M2M cloud: AirVantage Ready certified (FX30 FX30S)

This product is listed in Digital Signage, Industrial Automation, Mining, Transport

UART FX30S only: Configurable RS232/RS485 Sub-D9
USB USB V2.0 Micro-B connector
LEDs 1 signal LED, 1 user LED
I/Os 3 configurable I/Os
Audio PCM (on IoT Connector)
Push button For user app (GPIO)
SIM interface 2FF
Embedded SIM MFF2 (optional)
Cellular Antenna SMA
GNSS Antenna SMA with active bias
HARDWARE EXTENSION 1xIoT Connector (1xUSB, 1xUART, 1xSPI, 1xI2C, 4xGPIO,
1xADC, 1xSDIO, 1xPCM)
MOUNTING OPTIONS Bracket for screw/wall and DIN rail mounting
CONTROL OPTIONS AT Commands, Legato® shell, Legato® applications