Nexcom Advanced LPR solution for Bus Lane enforcement

Nexcom Advanced LPR solution for Bus Lane enforcement

Tekdis Ltd. has been instrumental in providing complete solutions for a customer implementing an advanced Bus Lane Enforcement solution.

Based on the popular VTC Range of mobile computers from Nexcom, the system integrates processing power and communication into a rugged IP rated unit.

Designed for direct pole mounting, the IP rated design with cables exiting via glands, this system provides simplified installation and increased reliability due to the direct cooling of the system to the air. Tekdis Ltd. also helped with the selection and integration of the correct LTE Module and local certification which ensured reliable communication and monitoring of the system.

To complete the package, a Global shutter LPR camera – GPCLxxxA4GN will be direct connected/powered via POE from the processing unit. The global shutter sensing element and high powered IR LEDs in the GPCLxxxA4GN are critical for accurate license plate reads. The compact housing of the GPCLxxxA4GN means covert installations are possible and multiple cameras can be installed from a centralised location.

Global shutter LPR camera – GPCLxxxA4GN

If you would like more information on the technologies above or have any requirement for a similar application, please get in touch with us for a more detailed discussion.

Bus Lane Enforcement solution: IP Single Lens Global Shutter LPR Camera