LGMM-EXT-R-SLT Thick or Ribbed Panel Adapter for LGMM/LPMM

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Brand: Panorama Antennas

Thick or Ribbed Panel Adapter for the LGMM/LPMM low profile MIMO antenna series

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LGMM-EXT-R-SLT provides a simple mounting solution for ribbed roof panels commonly found on SUVs and LCVs, but it is also suitable for curved/uneven roof mounting situations when used with the LGMM/LPMM low profile MIMO antenna series. A mounting bush extender, nut, washer, semi-closed-cell outer EPDM foam pad, and closed-cell silicone inner foam pad are included in the kit. After the antenna and pads have been installed and the proper level of compression has been achieved, the pad will seal the mounting hole and conform to the contours of the mounting surface, resulting in a pleasing aesthetic finish. The LGMM-EXT-R-SLT comes with a slotted mounting bush, nut, and washers that allow larger connectors like FAKRA type terminations to pass through.

Key Features:

  • Non-porous Foam Pad Solution
  • Ideal for Installing Antenna on Ribbed Roof Lines
  • Can be used with all Great White, Great White 5G and Mako and Mako 5G antennas

This product is listed in Industries, Partners, Digital Signage, Industrial Automation, Mining, Transport, Panorama Antennas
Mechanical Data
Compression required to seal (mm) 3mm (0.12”) of inner foam pad or until a hard stop
Max panel variation/rib height (mm) Max 20mm (0.8”) mounting depth inclusive of panel and rib height, panel material must not exceed 10mm (0.4”)
Mounting hole size (mm) 25 (1.0”)
Material (Inner sealing pad) Closed Cell Silicone Foam
Colour White
Material (outer pad) Semi-Closed Cell EPDM Foam
Colour Black