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Model Code: LSC-0101U

- Connected Serial port type auto-identification
- Fully compatible with the USB V1.0, V1.2, V2.0
- Built-in RS-422/RS-485 Terminal Resister for Surge Protection

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No. of Ports

422/485 * 1 Port (Terminal Block)

RS-422 Signals

RxD+ , RxD- , TxD+ , TxD- in Full-duplex (Surge Protection)

RS-485 Signals

Data+ , Data- in Half-duplex (Surge Protection)

Receive buffer

576 Byte

Transmit buffer

640 Byte

Baud Rate Speed

300 bps〜230.4k bps

Surge Protection

Built-in RS-422/RS-485 Terminal Resister

Connected Serial port type identification


Resistor SW

Built in Terminal 100 Ohm Terminal resistor SW selection ON/OFF


15KV ESD for all signal