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Digital signage displays can be used as digital advertising display screens indoors or outdoors, as well as to show images, videos, text, or even restaurant menus. This versatility makes digital signage screens suitable for various projects and applications, including in the corporate, retail, medical, hospitality, and education sectors. 

At Tekdis we have one of the biggest range of digital signage screens and commercial displays in Melbourne and Sydney. Our options include the Philips MMD range, Multi-Touch or Video Wall Displays, LED displays and open frame solutions that can be integrated into customer housings. Contact our team today to find out the best solution and pricing.

Digital Signage
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  1. 86BDL4052E 86" UHD 18/7 Multi-Touch Android Display
    86BDL4052E 86" UHD 18/7 Multi-Touch Android Display

    86BDL4052E 86" UHD 18/7 Multi-Touch Wireless Infrared OPS Android Display

    Key Features:

    • Interactive and collaborative
      • Operate, monitor and maintain with CMND & Control
      • Multi-touch technology capable of 20 touchpoints
      • Advanced IR touch with smaller, shallower bezels
    • Smart and powerful
      • OPS slot allows for PC embedding without cabling
      • Whiteboard mode built-in
      • Android: Run your own app or choose your favorite app to run
      • 0-gap touch frame
      • Anti-glare toughened glass 7 MOHS
  2. 86BDL4550D 86" 24/7 Android Display
    86BDL4550D 86" 24/7 Android Display

    86BDL4550D 86" UHD Easy-Setup 24/7 FailOver SmartPower Android

    Key Features:

    • Expand your viewing experience
      • ADS wide-view panel display
    • Care about you, your business and your audience
      • SmartPower for energy saving
      • Keep your content up and running with FailOver
      • Ensure your content is running with automatic screenshots
    • Maximizing the impact of your message
      • CMND: Take control of your displays
      • Manage settings of multiple displays with CMND & Control
      • Create and update content with CMND & Create
      • Connect and control your content via the cloud
    • Innovative solutions for any signage application
      • Save and play content with internal memory
      • Android SoC processor. Native and web apps
      • Integrated dual-band WiFi
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