PC/104 Single Board Computers are highly optimised PCs that come in compact form factors and are known for their field-proven durability, reliability and performance. They have the ability to work efficiently in rugged environments. PC/104 single-board computers offer fanless operations in extreme temperature conditions and are resistant to shock and vibrations. 

The optional conformal coating done on the board provides the PC with a long-lasting life. PC/104 has an embedded BIOS, which helps in the accurate functioning of the system. Its ability to deliver high performance on its space-saving platform makes it ideal for numerous computing applications. 

PC/104 single-board computer specifications provide a suitable platform to use high-speed PCI buses in embedded applications. Leveraging the PCI bus in the PC/104 form-factor offers various benefits such as fast data transfer, high reliability and higher cost-efficiency because of its unique self-stacking bus. 

The Tekdis UK store offers the best industrial computers and PC/104 single-board computers that can serve different environments for all sorts of applications.

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  1. PM-LX

    PCI-104 Module with on-board AMD Geode™ LX 800 CPU

  2. PM-LX2

    AMD Geode™ LX 800 CPU on-board PC/104 Module

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What is PC104?

PC104 is an embedded computer standard that is compact in size and is known for its stacking bus structure. In simple terms, PC104 is a compact and rugged version of the regular PC. PC 104 has various modules that integrate with stackable PCI, ISA, and PCIe bus connectors.

The asymmetric corner mounting holes along with stackable connectors come together to create a compact and complete PC system. The designs used to build PC 104 are taken directly from mainstream PC hardware and software markets.

Due to this, both the development costs, as well as the time taken to build the system, get substantially reduced. The PC 104 board offers interchangeability and interoperability for the users to choose and customise the PCs as per their own requirements.


The major benefits of using the PC 104 boards are

  • They are compact.
  • The modules of the board are stackable and easy to use.
  • It is inherently rugged and highly functional in extreme environments.
  • The board offers high interoperability.

Check out the Tekdis store for specifically designed PC/104 Single Board Computers suitable for a wide range of applications, built for the convenience and comfort of our users.


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