SL-2-DC - 2 Port Remote DC Power controller

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Brand: OutdoorLink

Remote Device Management for DC Devices

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• Reboot Devices Remotely
• Change Run-Times Remotely
• Cloud-Based Proof of Performance
• Power Outage Alert Notifications
• Battery Temperature Monitoring and Voltage Alerts
• Centralized Inventory Management for Field Assets

SmartLink is an asset management system designed to remotely manage and control field assets from one centralized platform. The SL-2-DC controller remotely monitors, schedules, and reboots up to two DC assets through its cloud-based management system. When assets go offline, the SL-2-DC notifies users and enables remote rebooting through its Cat-M1 connection. The SL-2-DC provides clarity on whether issues are caused by lack of power or lack of connectivity, which speeds up troubleshooting and reduces asset downtime.
The SL-2-DC allows up to two assets to operate on separately scheduled run-times with individual week-day scheduling capabilities. The SmartLink system offers a Smart Weather feature to activate devices during unplanned inclement weather and has an open API to integrate into Content / Inventory Management Systems and CAD-AVL platforms.

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Device Management Manages up to 2 DC devices per controller
Runtime Settings
Automatic, GPS based sunrise/sunset times and/or manual time scheduling with integrated real-time clock Enclosure Polycarbonate, 6 x 3 x 1 in. (approx. 15.2 x 7.6 x 2.5 cm)
Input Voltage
8-30Vdc @ 6A Output Voltage 8-30Vdc per output
Output Power
3A per port Power Consumption 0.15 W or ~0.01 A
LTE Cat-M1 cellular connection with internal SIM & integrated antenna with external antenna option Smart Weather Devices activated outside their scheduled run-times during inclement weather per NOAA forecast maps
Operating Temp.
-20°C to 70°C Environmental Polycarbonate enclosure, 0-95% humidity, non-condensing, RoHS
Wiring Connection
Terminal block, 18AWG System Reporting Power readings, proof of performance, alarm history, maintenance log, battery temperature
Alarm Notifications
Loss of power, low power, power restore