Unictron SM-76 mag/screw mount antenna 5m coax

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SM-76 5M SMA-M

MAG mount GPS antenna 5m coax

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SM-76 is the integration of the high performance GPS patch antenna and a state-of-the-art low noise amplifier into a very low profile/extremely compact/fully waterproof enclosure. When connected to a GPS receiver with +2.5 to +8.0 VDC antenna power. It provides excellent signal amplification and out of band filtering & rejection for that receiver

58 mm(L)x 48 mm(W)x 15 mm(H)


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Constructions: Polycarbonate radome over a die-cast base along with detachable cable/connector for easy mount
Dimensions: 58 mm(L)x 48 mm(W)x 15 mm(H).
Weight: 63 grams (excluding cable & connector)
Standard Mounting: 2 magnet mount, screw mount with 2 M3 tapped holes on the base.
Optional mounting plate: Metal flanges with holes for permanent mount.
Cable & Connector:
RF cable: 5 meter RG174/U (standard) cableMa