Best Vehicle PCs and Rail PCs

Best Vehicle PCs and Rail PCs

In today’s rapidly changing world, technology is what keeps vehicles and trains on the move, smoothly and safely. There is a computer that is constantly monitoring and providing feedback – from engine emissions and air pressure in vehicles, to surge protection and power on/off in rail engines. At a glance, a driver or an engineer can figure out the overall health of a vehicle or train engine, either with a ‘check engine’ light or a diagnostic code.

Advantages Of Vehicle PCs

From delivering increased computing power or providing seamless integration to help improve fleet efficiency, our in-vehicle computers are more than up to the task. They allow you to get more value from your investments with intelligent vehicle health, payload, and security monitoring.


Perfectly calibrated to your requirements, whether it is optional AI capabilities or technical expertise, so you do not have to choose between telematics and end-to-end vehicle health monitoring. With our Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions, you can seamlessly integrate IP Cameras or RFID Sensors.

Where Are Vehicle PCs Used?

Our vehicle PCs can be used across a spectrum of applications. This includes fleet surveillance and monitoring, public transit systems, intelligent traffic monitoring, equipment, sensors, and technology support for emergency vehicles, fleet management, in-vehicle computers, vehicle-mounted computers, vehicle display, and vehicle PoE switches.


Not all businesses have the same requirements. At Tekdis, we understand that. That is why we can expand or upgrade your system with various vehicle PC accessories from Nexcom, including a range of internal or external modules. Designed to integrate into, or used with our mobile solutions, we offer several GPS modules, including LTE, UPS, relay, CAN, tyre pressure monitoring, and untethered dead reckoning. Should you require a solution that requires customization, we can specially design a system that will allow you to get the maximum value and the highest level of integration.


We also stock several vehicle displays from Nexcom. These are specifically designed for the automotive environment. Because vehicle applications are sometimes meant to operate in harsh environmental conditions, we design our vehicle displays to pass some of the most rigorous tests for shock and vibration. Our displays feature very high-quality industrial-grade images. Available in a choice of resistive or capacitive touchscreen models, our products allow for a quick connection via a single cable carrying video, power, audio, and USB which simplifies the installation in vehicles. We stock many vehicle displays in sizes varying from 7 inches to 12.1 inches. Should you require, we could arrange for larger sizes as well.

Advantages Of Rail PCs

Our rail computers are designed and engineered for rolling stock and trackside applications. Thanks to their ergonomic design and sturdy construction, the rail PCs operate well in challenging environmental conditions and meet all industry-standard specifications. All of our rail PC systems are EN50155 and EN45545-2 certified for safety from vibration and fire hazards too. Many of our products, including those sourced from Axiomtek, are IP65 rated for dust and water.

Applications of Rail PCs:

Our rail computers are well suited for a variety of applications, including data transmission in train control and rail signalling, data logger/rail control units, multifunction vehicle buses (MVB), campus area network computers (CAN), communication-based train control (CBTC), telemetry and diagnostics industrial PC, condition-based monitoring box PC, on-train server and industrial computer retrofitting.


Keeping your needs in mind, all our rail PCs feature M12 terminations, isolated COMs, and power input. They also carry Tekdis UK's signature extruded aluminium chassis, no-fan smart designs, embedded processing capabilities powered by Intel Single Core ATOM to Core i7, On-Board Ubox GPS, and programmable ignition functionalities.


Our wide range of EN50155 and EN45545-2 certified rail PCs, specially sourced from Axiomtek, are available in either box or rack format, with display solutions for driver interfaces. If you require extended connection capabilities, we can provide LTE/5G, Wifi, GPS, and PoE ports. We also accessorise our PCs with rail-certified Ethernet switches from Oring and Lantech, while rail-certified antennas are sourced from Panorama.

Top Selection Of Vehicle & Rail Pcs From Tekdis

Some of our cutting-edge products include vehicle PC models, vehicle PC accessories, vehicle displays, vehicle PoE switches, vehicle IP cameras, vehicle NVRs and NAS, vehicle PCs with display and rail PCs.


We offer a wide selection of low to high-end vehicle PC solutions. The aROK 8110 is designed with a special fixture design that lets it avoid vibration issues. The TATC8010-7A/AF/DF is a powerful and reliable AI platform, specially designed for ANPR, AFR and other highly demanding on-graphic performance applications.


We stock several vehicle PC accessories also. The ANNA-F9 offers support for RTCM formatted corrections and centimetre-level positioning from local base stations or virtual reference stations (VRS) in a network RTK setup. The EM06-LTE-A Cat 6 M.2 module is specially optimised for M2M and IoT applications.


Our vehicle displays are designed to meet the harsh environment of vehicle and rail-based applications. The VMD2000 is sunlight readable with 800cd/m2 high brightness support. Our VMD3110 has a slim bezel and compact design.


We have industry-leading vehicle PoE switches. Our VES30-8S boasts of features like ignition power on/off support and power on/off delay time settings. The VES30-4S offers low battery voltage protection while being able to operate in extreme operating temperatures, from -30 to 70°C.


The PoE single-lens global shutter LPR GPCL-xxxA4GN series cameras are suitable for law enforcement, parking and other authorities to track and capture license plates. The GPCR-673A1GN is our bestselling IP67 rated, 2MP H.264 PoE vehicle camera with a built-in mic.


Our vehicle NVRs & NAS allow for a scalable and manageable security system. The NANO 1190-C4S is a stand-alone networking video recorder assigned for a fixed IP address. Built rugged, the IP54 (NEMA) rated iNAS 330 can protect your precious data from extreme environmental conditions.


The VMC220 features an 8" vehicle mount computer and an NXP i.MX 8M quad low-power processor. The AFOKAR-08A has an 8" sunlight-readable TFT LCD with projected capacitive touchscreen, built-in GPS receiver and an optional LTE module.


We offer a range of rail certified PCs in both box and rack formats along with display solutions for drivers' interfaces. Our VTC7220-R boasts three SIM cards and dual WWAN modules support for voice communication. The nROK7252-C8S has three video outputs, including one VGA and two HDMI.


Tekdis UK delivers the best vehicle PC and rail PC systems to our clients and can even customize the PCs to suit specific requirements. Contact our tech-savvy team today to get assistance and know more about our product range.