Stainless Steel Panel PCs, HMI & Monitors

Tekdis is a leading provider of industrial panel PCs, industrial all-in-one panel PCs with touchscreens, industrial monitors & industrial computers. Industrial panel PCs integrate computing power and display with touch technology into a single unit allowing easy installation and management of systems. Our industrial touchscreen computers have a high degree of flexibility, with a range of connectivity options and customisation possibilities to meet your specific needs. Waterproof Panel PC provides reliable and accurate touch control for a variety of applications, from factory automation to transportation. On the other hand, Panel PCs are compact, robust, and user-friendly, well-suited for deploying in demanding environments like manufacturing and logistics. They offer flexible mounting options and are engineered to withstand harsh conditions.

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Panel PC

Panel PCs adopts an all-in-one solution integrating an SBC, industrial grade TFT LCD Panel, and touch screen within a compact NEMA 4 / IP65 sealed chassis. Each unit is network-ready with exceptional I/O connectivity.

Risc Based Panel PC

IEI IOVU RISC-based PC series enables the great embedded flexibility for smart factory, building automation, factory control and medical usage application.

Light Duty Panel PC

IEI light industrial market product solution provides outstanding outlook with industrial-grade quality for comprehensive light industrial markets, such as hospitality, logistics, residential automation, factory automation and digital signage.

Systems can be fully configured to customer's hardware and middleware/software requirements:

  • Industrial grade system memory
  • Industrial grade SSD of HDD storage
  • m.2/mPCIe comms cards, eg WLAN, BT, WWAN
  • Pre-loading OS & custom AP on request
  • Custom bios configuration

IP65 / IP67 Panel PC

A range of heavy duty panel PC's offering solutions for harsh industrial environments which are suspect to high level of particle and liquid ingress. Product are available with sealing rate to IP69.

All units feature Intel ATOM, Celeron and Core-I processors and are compatible for use with Linux, Windows desktop or Windows Embedded operating systems.

Systems can be fully configured to customer's hardware and middleware/software requirements:

  • Industrial grade system memory
  • Industrial grade SSD of HDD storage
  • m.2/mPCIe comms cards, eg WLAN, BT, WWAN
  • Pre-loading OS & custom AP on request
  • Custom bios configuration


Medical Panel PC

You now can carry out all medical applications with ease using Axiomtek's fanless medical-grade touch panel computers. The Panel PC’s are specifically designed to carry out operations on medical measuring instruments and the process of medical image processing.

All our PC’s are safe to use and comply with ISO 13485:2003, UL60601- 1/EN60601-1, CE, and FCC Class B certifications. The Panel PC’s we offer have IP65 and IPX1 ratings and are ideally used for patient’s vital sign monitoring, nursing care, clinical diagnosis, PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), anesthesia monitoring and operating room documentation.

Fanless Touch Panel Computer

The compact size of the Fanless PC and the reliable system design make these PC’s ultra-modern gadgets for your work. AXIOMTEK's fanless touch panel PCs feature low power consumption processors such as ARM9, Intel® Xscale, VIA Eden CPU's, and Intel® Celeron® M.

Every touch panel PC that we design has a unique design and is specifically made for vertical market applications. Useful features like anti-vibration design, high brightness, and extended temperature operating ranges make them the best in their class. The PC’s are certified with NEMA4x and offer Windows® CE.NET and embedded Linux operating systems to the users.

Industrial Touch Panel PC

Built with the intent of industrial applications, the P1000 industrial touch panel PC series offer value for money.. All the PC’s come in a slim aluminium casing and have a robust IP65/NEMA 4-rated front bezel that keeps the PC dust and waterproof. There is a wide range of LCD screen sizes available, and we can even customise screen sizes as per the user specifications.

Our ergonomic design with three screws on the back chassis, lets you install additional memory, storage, and expansion cards effortlessly. Multiple features like expandable I/Os, scalable CPU options, anti-vibration, anti-corrosion, and superior design makes the PC’s perfect for all kinds of complex requirements.

Flexible Open Frame Panel PC

Tekdis UK delivers the best in class options to our clients, and our FDK series is proof of that. The series offers open-frame panel PCs that have outstanding configuration flexibility and are designed to smoothly fit into any space. The open frame and slim design of the PCs make it possible to embed them into any chassis.

The PC’s are available with multiple touchscreen options for providing intelligent user experiences. The PC’s in this series feature VR for brightness adjustment on the back cover and offer quick and easy maintenance.

Industrial Touch Monitor

Axiomtek’s P6000 PC’s are designed considering the practicality of usage and offer numerous LCD display sizes with projective or resistive capacitive touch screens. Multiple I/O options such as DP, DVI, HDMI, VGA, and S-video are provided in the PC’s. In addition, a 24V DC-in power connector and a screw-type (locked) AC-in power connector is embedded in the system for different voltage requirements. The PC’s can be mounted on a wall, panel, rack, and VESA mount.


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