Medical Grade Panel PCs and Industrial Embedded Motherboards Help Drive X-Ray Imaging Technology

Medical Grade Panel PCs and Industrial Embedded Motherboards Help Drive X-Ray Imaging Technology

The trends toward better X-ray image quality and lower X-ray intensity have been features of X-ray machine development for some time. Now the advent of powerful processors on embedded motherboards and the availability of high performance medical-grade touch panel PCs are driving X-ray imaging technology.


High quality digital X-ray images help doctors with their diagnosis while the reduction in the intensity of the X-rays to a minimum lowers patient exposure. Both high quality digital image acquisition and the adjustment of X-ray power to the minimum needed in a particular situation are data intensive and require high-performance equipment.


Embedded motherboards can be customised and configured to meet application challenges with interfaces specifically designed for each medical device. Medical touch panel PCs must be integrated into the X-ray system in order to rapidly display high-resolution images while offering resilient 24/7 operation fit for the specific requirements of the hospital environment.


Tekdis can supply embedded motherboards and medical-grade touch panel PCs (MPC) from leading manufacturers that offer excellent performance while meeting stringent medical certification requirements. In addition to supplying motherboards, Tekdis is unable to configuration world class peripheral components, bios, firmware and operating system. An out of box solution for system integrators and manufacturers


Axiomtek’s medical-grade products work reliably in demanding medical environments and deliver the performance required for cutting-edge X-ray imaging.

Medical Embedded Motherboards

Axiomtek’s Embedded single board computers designed for medical applications can process large amounts of data rapidly and accurately. The boards can be customized to suit medical device manufacturer requirements or satisfy system integration parameters. Advanced features include expandability options for USB, DIO, PCI Express and Gigabit LAN ports in a wide variety of form factors such as 3.5-inch (CAPA), COM Express, microatx motherboard, Mini-ITX motherboard, Pico-ITX and more.

These motherboards are of robust construction and suitable for all kinds of medical applications. When used for X-ray machine control, they can modulate the radiation dosage, continuously adjusting the X-ray intensity to reflect the specific size of the target on the patient's body in order to lower the chances of causing radiation sickness or increasing the patient’s risk of developing radiation-induced cancer. When processing data for images, they can carry out noise reduction and image enhancement functions. In addition to X-ray control and image processing, embedded boards are suitable for integration into medical equipment such as blood testing systems, remote-presence robots and DNA sequencing machines.

Medical-certified Touch Panel PCs

Axiomtek’s & Avalue Technology medical-certified, all-in-one touch panel PCs are high performance, high graphical display units characterized by excellent reliability and ease of use. Their solid state and rugged design make them suitable for use as X-ray image displays, nursing cart interfaces, point-of-care terminals and many more applications in a wide variety of medical environments.

The ability to run various operating systems and the availability of many different software tools make it easy to integrate feature-rich medical-grade touch panel PCs within hospital systems or existing networks.

These medical certified touch panel PCs are specifically designed for medical use and are certified with UL60601-1/EN60601-1, CE, and FCC Class B to satisfy the requirements of the medical environment. They feature high ingress protection font bezels for dust/liquid spillage and IPX1 full anti-microbial enclosures to prevent bacterial invasion.

Axiomtek’s & Avalue Technology Inc. MPCs can be optimised for many medical applications. Full HD TFT LCD displays with 10-point multi-touch PCAP are available along with various screen sizes in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.

Flexible wireless communication options allow for real time monitoring

Some of the Medical Panel PCs:

1. MPC102-845

Medical Grade Touch Panel Computer with Intel® Celeron® Processor N3060 MPC102-845 - Tekdis UK

Axiomtek MPC102-845 10.4" XGA TFT Fanless Medical Grade Touch Panel Computer with Intel® Celeron® Processor N3060

2. HID-2334 Medical Cart Panel PC

HID-2334 Medical Cart Panel PC - Tekdis UK

HID-2334 Medical Cart Panel PC 23.8” Full HD PCAP Multi touch, 7th Generation Intel® Core Kaby Lake i5 Processor, LED reading light bar.

Design and Integration Services for Medical Device Manufacturers

Tekdis can help medical device manufacturers with Embedded motherboard solutions as well as provide finished fully product certified touch panel PCs. We also offer consultancy with peripheral selection, configuration, thermal design and advice to certify product.

Vendors such as Axiomtek’s & Avalue Technology design services can help with critical issues during complex medical equipment development process. For X-ray imaging, such design questions can include data processing capacity, data storage and retrieval, noise identification and suppression along with image resolution. Tekdis can assist with a portion of the project or take it from beginning to end, easing the burden of product development and deployment.

Advantages for Patients and Medical Professionals

The latest generation Embedded motherboards and MPCs can improve X-ray imaging to help medical professionals provide better medical care. High performance processors and screens control X-ray machines to reduce doses and deliver high quality images to doctors.

Patients are exposed to lower doses of X-rays and additional X-ray images can therefore be taken without exceeding safe limits. Doctors can view images free from noise and distortion and with greater detail. Patient images and data can be made readily available, even on wireless display panels and at a variety of locations.

High performance electronics can have a significant effect on the quality of X-ray imaging and associated healthcare. Tekdis is ideally positioned to offer end-to-end solutions for medical product development and deployment. Tekdis experienced R&D and design assistance team have often been considered additional engineering resources and an extending part of our customers’ project development teams through the design, integration and deployment processes of cutting-edge medical devices.